Primer Paquete para Honduras Animation

Grafik- und Titelanimation für den Kurzfilm “Primer paquete para Honduras”  von Jakob Krese – 2021


Life between waiting and arriving. Joining one of the migrant caravans, Dinora made it to the US. Now she has to deal with an GPS ankle bracelet, constantly reminding her that her time in the US might end at any moment.

PRIMER PAQUETE PARA HONDURAS captures the atmosphere of a transitional state of a mother trying to find a place for herself and her kids in a new world which is everything but welcoming. The film walks a fine line between depiction and representation of Dinora’s new life and raises provocative questions about filmmaking.


Genre: Documentary (Short)
Germany, Mexico
Director: Jakob Krese
Producer: Annika Mayer
Director of Photography: Arne Büttner
Additional Camera: Dinora Ortiz
Sound: Danilo do Carmo
Editor: Annika Mayer
Sound Design, Mixing: Gaston Ibarroule
Animation: Gabriela Garrido
Color Grading: Arne Büttner
Executive Producers: Annika Mayer, Jakob Krese, Danilo do Carmo, Arne Büttner